Well, here’s something. Yes, this includes the special that came with the Blu-ray.

1080p 10bit: Torrent
720p 10bit: Torrent

Sorry for dropping the ball on this show. We will continue it on Blu-ray since it will be more effective, considering our release speed.
I have not seen any BDs for Garo floating around yet.

Yay! I hope there’s a season 3!

720p 10bit: Torrent | XDCC: /msg Kaitou|Aoko XDCC SEND 62

TL: CR, An_chan
Songs: An_chan
Editor: Kaitou_Kid
Timer: Kaitou_Kid (1-8, 11-13), Hybrid (9-10)
Typesetter: Kaitou_Kid, Hybrid (9-10)
Encoder: Kaitou_Kid (1-8, 13), LotusGG (9-12)

To the next show!
Fairy Tail, Arslan Senki, Usagi-chan, and Garo are left. No new shows this season.