SKET Dance

The anime SKET Dance

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Well at least faster than last time. This was the second to last episode of Sket Dance. There is no ending song, just an insert song. We didn’t translate the song because we couldn’t hear the first part of it; there’s no point if you can’t hear the beginning. Area no Kishi ended this week too. We will release them very soon, since our encoder for that show came back. The final episodes will be out. Also Bluray/DVD of Area no Kishi should come out soon, we will probably do those for the older episodes for both animes. Next season, we will joint with Hybrid for Robotics;Notes and of course keep Conan continuing. More might come up but that’s it for now.

Torrent: 720p MP4| DDL: MKV | XDCC: /msg Kaitou|Asuna XDCC SEND 36 MP4: /msg Kaitou|Asuna XDCC SEND 37

Well sorry for the delay, but here you go! We will have the next episode out fast… I hope. I mostly had to work on this alone, that’s why it took some time.