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Torrent: 720p | DDL: wait… | XDCC: /msg Kaitou|Asuna XDCC SEND 33

Sorry for the delay, but here you go. Denpa from Hybrid Fansubs encoded this episode for us. We will might be doing a joint with them for Robotics;Notes during the fall.

Also Sket Dance is going to be delayed for a day or two. It’s the editor’s birthday today! Say  Happy Birthday to Kotetsure! ^_^

HD Torrent

Sorry for the delay. It won’t happen again. But in the mean time XDCC is set up on the IRC. So if you like doing that, just go on the irc and do: /msg Kaitou|Asuna XDCC send #1 . That should work. There are still somethings to fix up and stuff, but eventually all files will be on the bot. Magic Kaitou tomorrow!