Strike the Blood

We are back from the dead with the second season (OVA) of Strike the Blood with help from Tobikage of Hatsuyuki!

720p 10bit: Torrent | XDCC: /MSG Kaitou|Aoko XDCC SEND 155
1080p 10bit FLAC: Torrent | XDCC: /MSG Kaitou|Aoko XDCC SEND 156

Translator: Tobikage
Timer: Kaitou_Kid
Editor: Kaitou_Kid
Typesetter: Kaitou_Kid
Song TL: Tobikage, o0oo, Mommoka
Song Styling: Kaitou_Kid
Encoder: Kaitou_Kid
QC: luridfuzz

In the next couple of weeks, we will finish up all the shorts we have started but not finished. More Strike the Blood is also on its way.
In addition, the Detective Conan movie is also in the works, but it’s taking a while due to Hobiron’s Internet problems.