Garo: Honoo no Kokuin

Garo 05 Release
A little delay due to capping issues again. Now it comes with the Ending song karaoked. Also, we didn’t do the titles properly for episodes 1-3, so they will be fixed in the batch or just a v2 release soon. Everything seems well for this show, so we’ll probably release one at the end. but Dragoon for Akuma. Sorry about the Mp4s. I’ll try to release them.

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This would’ve been released on Sunday morning if I had the .ts. Recruiting cappers.

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Few notes about this episode since it might be confusing.
Makai Hōshi (魔戒法師): In episode 02, we had it has Hell Alchemist, but this episode it was changed to Hell Priests. They do practice alchemy, but they are priests rather than full alchemy. That is one of their jobs. So, make note of this switch. I will make a patch of episode 02 with the fixes.

Madou Ring (魔導輪): We left the Madou Ring untranslated because that would be better for the show. Madou is like “the way of evil,” similar to judou/judo (the gentle way) or kendou/kendo (the way of the sword), so it is hard to pick a correct translation. If I were to pick one, “demon ring” would fit the best considering they are demons from Hell. However, since words like Makai Kishi have two Japanese words in it, where one (makai) is hard to translate, but the other isn’t, it makes more sense to translate both of them. In the case of Madou Ring, he says “Madou Ring” instead of Madou Yubiwa (魔導指輪), so it made more sense to leave that as it is.

We had to use TVO as our source because the TX .ts we had was corrupt. Would’ve been faster if it weren’t for hunting down a new .ts.

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The title of the show is Garo: Honoo no Kokuin, which would generally mean Garo: The Carved Seal of Flames. But the anime seems to be using it as “Divine Flames,” so we’re using that on the title screen. It’s similar to Shingeki no Kyojin being translated as Attack on Titan.

Oh, also, sorry about the delays on the MP4s. Trying to find time to release them.