Does this ever work?

Anyway, please help us. We will get faster and actually release Detective Conan more often. It will also help with every other show we do. We can’t pick up new shows if we don’t have TLers. We need them for misc. projects as well.

Also, recruiting QCers and Editors.

OKAY! Please do not apply if you don’t plan to do anything. I’ve had TLers apply without ever responding back to the test. (It’s the Shingeki Special 07.) So, unless you have time to help out, please do not apply and get my hopes up.

Recruiting Distro.
There are releases ready, such as One Piece Movie 5 in 1080p and Blood Lad Volume 1 Blu-ray, but Asuna’s acting weird and not seeding.
If you have a fast server and are willing to help seed these torrents, please email me at [email protected]
If you can provide a bot, that’d be great too. 😀
That’s all.