Kokoro Connect

Kokoro connect.

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Ya we are late. This episode is also modified CR and not done with our usual translator. TL was busy with Guilty Crown and Nunnally in Wonderland. But this is still good. Another Translator is welcomed anytime so they can help with these releases become fast and we won’t see an incident like this again.

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Something shitty is going on with Kiatou[Kid]’s internet. But Kokoro Connect got released first and it’s mkv. But for those waiting for mp4, we will have that out soon.  Sorry for slow download if it happens. 🙁

Also we still want more people, especially Distro and Translator!

In other thoughts, if you have opinions concerning font choices and stuff, leave them in the comments section. Also stuff like SD or something.

HD Torrent   v2 HD Torrent

Ok so the first episode recieved a lot of negative comments (which is very good because it will help us later), so we tried to fix them all. They all should be fixed but there was still 3 problem with this episode but they are very minor, you’ll see it. But we wanted to release it faster since we are already so late. There might be a v2 and SKET Dance OP/ED has been translated by Chrouya from AniBlaze and v2 is almost done. It will be out in about 4 hours or so.