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  1. Guys,
    You are doing a great job … I strongly suggest to drop any project that was subbed a million time (like attack on titans) and focus only on what make you very very special like Detective Conan.
    Thank you and happy new year….

    • Agreed here. Your Detective Conan subs are really great. AOT already has enough subs.
      So hope u guys give DC release a boost.

        • Since you say that Shingeki no Kyojin needs editing and QC…I dunno wether or not my skills are sufficient for the former, however I think I’d be capable enough to be a QCer, as far as those are still needed…would love to help as TL, but sadly my japanese ain’t close to good enough… ^_^”

          So, yeah, I’d like to at least try to apply as Editor for SnK, if still needed, and as QCer otherwise…so…where to actually do so? XD

          P.S.: I don’t have IRC yet…will get it, if absolutely neccesary…

  2. how i wish i was born in Japan instead of Canada… French/English is so useless when it comes to the best stuff…sigh..

  3. Does detective conan nid QCers and Editors?
    im a bit interested but i dunno what jobs waiting for QCers and editors..cn u explain more if DC nid these 2 positions..

    • Since Kaitou didn’t mention it: Jobs for Editor usually is rephrasing of sentences in order for them to sound better/more natural and/or make a more fluid dialog out of the translated sentences without changing the meaning of what is being said and the possible speech characteristics and stuff, as far as those apply, I think…QCers are Quality Checkers, and afaik, they have to check for all kinds of mistakes and report them to Editor or Timer or another member, however the jobs are distributed, at least that’s what I know…

  4. The only thing I’d note in addition to this is what a clean sweep Kodansha’s manga sarleis have had in the past 10 years. While Shounen Jump and Ribon, both Sueisha properties, typically defined the manga zeitgeist of a generation (for shounen and shoujo audiences respectively), arguably Kodansha’s properties are attracting much more attention than Sueisha’s newer properties. In addition to Aku no Hana and Titian in Bessatsu Shounen, Kodansha currently has Chihayafuru running in it’s josei Be Love magazine, Kuragehime in its josei Kiss magazine, a surprisingly not well-documented hit, Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches in its Weekly Shounen Magazine I could go on. The point is Kodansha’s kicking Sueisha’s ass right now, and that’s a bit of a role reversal to the norm!Also re: that Ikuhara/Anno conversation. This is also relevant to your post on Aku no Hana, in which Nagahama comments that certain types of manga fans will be betrayed. It’s always interesting to see the tensions between a fanbase, a director, and the way a character is portrayed. I’m also reminded of comments the Bokurano director made in regards to the source material that he hated it’, as I recall.

  5. I’m willing to help with whatever needs to be done. I have some what decent Japanese understanding. I am still learning it on a daily basis. But as for English, it is my first language, so I am willing to help there as well. I do pick up on learning things very fast, so if someone can show me the type sitting and the what not, I am willing to do that as well. I have a lot of free time on my hands outside of work since I do not sleep at all really..

    So contact me and I’m willing to do whatever! I’m a huge fan of your Fairy Tail subs and would love to help.

    I am also willing to work on multiply projects as well. I’m a work-aholic… Can never have to much!

  6. I can QC stuff probably I’m a huge detective conan fan so I’d primarily like to help with it but I have no issues with helping on others as well I watch a ton of stuff so anything is okay with me to be honest.

  7. Also I could probably help with editing also I’m not up on video editing or anything to put subs into them so I have no clue what the requires at all but I’m a programmer and graphic designer so I’m used to a wide variety of programs and adapt easily but if it doesn’t require anything like that I could likely help with that as well…

  8. I’d apply as an Editor or QC’er. Am not the person with the most time out there, but would like to help~ ^w^

  9. Hi, I can try out as a QCer though I haven’t done anything fansub-related before 🙂 I can give the test a shot and see how well I do!

  10. Exactly what tasks do the positions of QC and/or Editor entail? I know next to no Japanese, but I’m an English major at uni, so I may be able to help make sure everything is correct and reads nicely.

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