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    • I hadn’t put it there yet. I accidentally clicked published. It’s there now. It was uploading. I have shit upload speed right now. 200KB/s.

  1. I was just giving you a hard time about the link. I wasn’t in a big rush. Anyway, this series was very inconsistent. There were things they did well, and things they did poorly. It had potential… and much of it was wasted. But there were some good episodes… the last couple were pretty decent.

    Either way, thank you for doing a good job on this!

  2. good job giving out this series guys and thank you. although the story line was too childish i wonder if the mangaka was 8 or something and what was with all those ecchi section (cause I’m sure the mangaka was 8 i think his parents told him if a vampire drinks a girl’s blood she’ll become pregnant ) anyway the story was on par with twilight movies if u know what i mean;) but thank to ur great job and hard work it was worth watching as of the quality and subs were good.:D

  3. >4 weeks on being on time.
    >4 weeks of being late.
    Makes up for it in the end. Vol 1 where? Kaitou… 😛

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