12 comments on “Shingeki no Kyojin OVA 03

  1. Hi! Thanks for this great release… You’ll release even the sub of OVA 2? And of Picture Drama 7, 8 and 9? 🙂

    • Hi kaitou people!

      I’m Sallyriana from Hatsu and i can confirm the rest will come, can’t say when however but nothing is dropped.

      • Thank you very much for confirm it. So then I can wait for you guys <3
        Much appreciated for all the hard work so far m(_ _ )m

  2. Thanks for the release, but whats the stats for the rest of the picture drama specials? i’d been fine if funimation were to add it on to their dvds but apparently they’re not soo…

  3. Sorry, but when I watched it, it was episode 13.5 (the recap episode) – not the OVA.

    Something entirely different.

    • There are three separate OVAs. 13.5 was just a recap for episodes 1-13. The Picture Dramas are the chibi characters, which is entirely different as well.

  4. Any chances on you teaming up with Hatsuyuki again to do Shingeki no Koyjin OVA 4 & 5? The alternative releases aren’t that great and a complete OVA batch from one group would be nice. 🙁

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