9 comments on “Fairy Tail (2014) 32-43 (207-218) MP4

  1. So Kaitou still alive, good to know, I saw that the group has only one translator at staff area, is this true?
    I wish I could help, my japanese is still weak, I can only understand a few things…

  2. aah, nice batch.. but what can I say… FT isn’t as good as it used to be, atleast the drawings are getting better, but with ep 25 being my last and Ultear dead now, I’m on strike until further notice.. gosh, taking away my favorite..

  3. Thanks for still doing MP4s. Pretty much given up on Hatsu/Kaitou MP4s lol (Akuma no Riddle). Btw upto what ep are the fillers or are these all fillers?

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