20 comments on “Arslan Senki (The Heroic Legend of Arslan) – 01

  1. I just hope that you won’t do this “half-assed”…
    Dropping this halfway would really suck…

  2. Thank you guys. I have a question:
    “Simply mastering the fundamentals of the sword
    will help you carry yourself straight and tall.”
    I don’t get the “carry yourself straight and tall” part, can you please explain?

  3. It’s nice that you picked up 3 new shows and all, but what about Garo and Fairy Tail. Is there any word on those 2. Garo finished on 3/27 and Fairy Tail you’re 10 ep. behind. It’s too bad you can’t work on those before starting anything new. I guess some sort of update would be nice. Thanks

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