36 comments on “Detective Conan – Movie 19 (Sunflowers of Inferno)

  1. Thank you very much! I appreciate this a lot!

    That said, I’d like to use the occasion to ask about three things:

    1. Will you release a 1080p version of this movie?
    2. For the movie/special (Dissapearance of Haru- Conan Edogawa) you said you were going to release a better version after you got back from India… I want to imagine you’re already back.
    3. Is everything fine with Young Black Jack. I don’t mind waiting if there is going to be a release (I mean, I am waiting for Arslan)), but I would appreciate knowing if everything is fine on that end.

    Again, thanks a lot!

    • 1) Yes.
      2) I haven’t seen a BDMV for it yet. The TV source is the only alternative.
      3) Yeah, TLC went on his winter vacation where he didn’t have Internet and when he did have it, he worked on the movie instead. I’ve also been busy to edit more episodes. Gave priority to Conan. We’ll release the remaining episodes pretty soon.

  2. oh lol, ur right. I even forgot about it already. Well, gotta say DC nowadays isn’t what it used to be. It’s become a bit boring. They should just throw in a dozen black eps and be done with it. I’ll watch it regardless, thanks.

      • They still not lack imagination for cases, it’s not exactly boring, but hell, please get on with character development and the story. The last movie was entertaining, although the end was a bit exaggerated xD

        • Apparently, the culprit is supposed to have a deeper background and that person is a crazy art maniac (not trying to spoil). They cut it out in the movie, so it makes that motive for the crime extremely lame.

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