9 comments on “Ooya-san wa Shishunki (My Landlord is Going Through Puberty) – 07

  1. I’am sory before, i don’t come to your website for so long.
    i just using email to notif the new post in your website.

    I like Young Black Jack, and i like your sub, even it’s take more than one month or two month to sub it, i will gladly wait for it.
    But i don’t see a new post about Young Black Jack since december 2015 (episode 6),
    so, i want to ask, are you drop this show?
    If yes, i will get HS to watch the rest of the episode.

    Thanks a lot for subbing Young Black Jack and Arslan Senki ( i watch the rest episode using HS though ).

    • No, we’re continuing it. There are just some delays with the people working on it. Arslan and YBJ have almost the same staff. JK-MESHI is different, and Ooya-san is different.

      • Thanks for the info, i will gladly wait for it.
        I still remember back then, i wait a fansub to finish it for 3 years, then i watch the anime after they finished sub the anime.

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