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  1. Waito waito

    What about pantu nyaa? are they doning all of this work to review nyaa for nothing now that Nyaa SI is around? o_o

  2. except nyaa.pantsu is better because it doesn’t discriminate against specific groups purely because the admins/moderators have a beef with them

    • But the same people did not create nyaa.si. And no one is banned. These are some baseless accusations.
      xxx – Today at 12:09 AM
      so anidex or nyaa.si as primary? need your advice
      Fyurie – Today at 12:25 AM
      I’m using anidex

    • No one is discriminating.
      .si hasn’t banned anyone.
      The only admin is Reimu.
      You all spout your comments that like you know every nook and corner of what’s going on, when in fact it is baseless accusations. I don’t support any one site right now, but nyaa.si IS a valid alternative to Nyaa.se. You can go to Pantsu too, sure. I don’t give a shit. Whatever works! All it is is a site to post your torrents.
      People think its a mass conspiracy, but there’s a simple fact to all this: people will migrate to whatever’s popular. If .si tanks, sure. It tried and failed. TokyoTosho is another site where you can upload your own torrent, but you need another tracker.
      I will most likely be using Anidex and migrate all my Minglong stuff there, so I have two stable websites. I will do it at Nyaa.si too, just for a third safe bet.
      Pantsu WILL SCRAPE everything, so there is no point in posting there. If pantsu becomes popular from that, then great! That’s another site people can go to.
      It’s just another site! I love animetosho as well, but I never need to post anything!

  3. nyaa.si has better functionality: dark mode, table sorting, row bgs, download stats, better support for uploaders etc.
    It’s also now endorsed by HS which spits out a large amount of torrents and probably the most DLd from group from previous nyaa so I imagine nyaa.si will be used over nyaa.pantsu

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