10 comments on “Grimoire of Zero – 05

  1. Guess there’s a good chance that no one from Kaitou will read this but seriously guys, what the hell is going on with a lot of the fansub groups?

    Looks like we’ve been well and truly dumped mid series by DDY, GJM (although they have at least given some sort of explanation), FFF (miraculously back for what looks like another sub-par idol series) and of course, yourselves.

    Real shame as you were all in the process of covering good series at the time. All I can do is thank you for all you have done and hope for a miracle.

    • I beg to differ. Kaitou staff always read all our comments. 😀 Sorry for having to suspend work mid-series but real life intrudes. Hopefully staff previously working on Grimoire will find the time to finish the series at some point.

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