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  1. If you’re going to take the typesetting from Commie-subs, would you mind taking their timecodes too? Because there are bleeds everywhere. Especially with the OP blackboards.

    • Alright, Commie takes their scripts from CR, but I really didn’t see any bleeds. O well, we will try to fix it in the next release. We took the translation of the kanji from them. Rest we did it. We were much better quality then them.

      • You’re either blind or incompetent, or both. I counted 13 bleeds and I only got to the OP, not only does your timing bleed, but your typesetting does as well. Even the typesetting you stole from Commie is a frame too early and is layered incorrectly so it overlaps with your karaoke. Not to mention the typesetting your group done was absolutely terrible and you should be ashamed for releasing such a monstrosity. For future releases, I recommend stealing both Commie’s typesetting and timing then changing your group name to CommieRip.

      • I obviously saw the bleeds. Also what the are fuck you guys doing here if you don’t appreciate it. Trying to destroy a Fansub that just started by comparing with a super popular lame speed sub? Didn’t I say we would try to fix them? Clearly you don’t understand fansub, because all scripts from Commie uses are CrunchyRoll (read their about if you don’t know), I really don’t see it how they are better quality. They also have a huge ass staff, we have like 4 people. (bleed through karaoke) Commie doesn’t even have karaoke compared to us. Also we do Mp4s which helps many people. I don’t know what you all are on about Also why are you all hating on Kokoro Connect. We are the only Fansub that does SKET Dance and Area no Kishi. The only reason we started Kokoro Connect is to start a show from Episode 1 rather than picking up SKET Dance and Area no Kishi. There are other FB groups for Kokoro Connect but are both Speed Subs (Ruri/Commie). Oyatsu is the sole good one

      • >I really don’t see it how they are better quality.

        Try watching Commie’s. Then watch yours. While I commend you on doing Area no Kishi and SKET, you should really look to improving your timing and font choice. If there is one thing you take away from this, please let it be to fix your timing and that godawful dialogue style, for the sake of the viewers and me, as an ex-timer/typesetter myself. Oyatsu is run by Russian scammers and Commie is only a “speedsub” if you consider a glacier fast. Also, as far as I know, Commie only use 3 people for KC, but many of them are experienced fansubbers.

        • Ya well we have 4 people doing 3 animes. We don’t have the staff to a lot of stuff. But we will get better. That was only the first Ep

  2. Commie already released the second episode because all they have to do is add their TL for their opening and ending and release it; it’s not much of a fansub rather than CR rip with OPening and ending translations. I don’t really care, but I think Kaitou is better

    • Kaitou clearly use CR’s script as well so I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make here.

      • haha, I’m not really trying to make too much of a point. I prefer them because they are MP4 and have the same quality translations and OP/ED karaoke. Also that conversation up there was amusing.

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