5 comments on “Super Collaboration Special: One Piece x Toriko x DBZ

  1. Thanks Kaitou Fansubs for subbing and release this special crossover one piece ep. 590:)
    I like this 🙂
    btw, would you like to release the crossover before ( one piece eps.492 and 542) ?

    • To be honest, I don’t think we will. We already lack staff member, so doing that would be really out of our way. The only reason we did the Movie because the BDMV had subs in it. As for this Crossover, I found a translator that really wanted to do it along with someone with raws for it.

      • I hope someone will help you to do it 🙂
        Thanks for release this Crossover Super Special Collaboration
        I have both 720p.mp4 and 480p.mp4 from your site 🙂

  2. can someone reseed this?
    i’m also having problems downloading from Kaitou|Asuna. it says connection failed but i can download fine from other bots.

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