6 comments on “Shingeki no Kyojin 07-08

  1. was there an mp4 of these two episodes done? (also I couldn’t find the mp4 version of episode 2 on IRC)

    • I’m pretty sure they are on there.
      [11:01] Kaitou_Kid @find blood lad 02 MP4
      [11:02] Kaitou|Asuna XDCC SERVER – slots:[48/50], Queue:[0/50] – /MSG Kaitou|Asuna XDCC SEND x – Found: #182:[Kaitou]_Blood_Lad_-_02_[720p][174FE796].mp4,416M #183:[Kaitou]_Blood_Lad_-_02_[480p][6FF2FFF2].mp4,195M

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