16 comments on “Blu-ray Releases: One Piece Movie 4 & Robotics;Notes 03

  1. Are you planning on releasing all the One piece movie? No 1080p guys?? and how about conan movies 1-5 i think ml will not release those as it is licensed by funimation?

    • Yes, we will release all the One Piece Movies. As I said, 1080p is coming soon as it takes a long time to encode on my computer. I don’t know about Conan though. DCTP just released Movie 3 in 1080p and 720p Blu-ray.

  2. Yah i’ve already seen the dctp release but they’ve already said it would be their final release. Anyways i’ll wait for the 1080p. Thx for doing this.

  3. Nice to see that someone finally found these on kitsunekko!

    Although it wasn’t Chubby-Raws that transcribed/timed the subs (if they did they would probably have included them in their torrent releases or made a specific torrent with only the subs). But I guess you can leave it at that, it doesn’t really matter anyway since the subs were timed for Chubby-Raws release of One Piece movies 4-7.

    Well, I’m gonna download and compare the video to Chubby-Raws version and see exactly what kind of changes were made to the subs.

    Thanks for all the hard work!

  4. Thank you very much for doing One Piece movies!
    Strange that 720p .mp4 can be downloaded but 720 10 bit can’t. How come?

  5. PLEASE PLEASE HELP SEED!!!! I can’t get the 1080p 10bit MKV to start downloading!

    THANNK YOU SO MUCH for releasing the One Piece Movies on Blu-Ray though!!!

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