25 comments on “One Piece Movie 5 – The Curse of the Sacred Sword (Bluray)

  1. Thank you for the Bluray release. This is cool, is Kaitou fansub going to release all the One Piece movies?

    • If you have a bakabt account, you can get the movies from there. Although, there are not many places where these movies have been in 720p format.

  2. I also agree if you could make a One Piece movie 1-10, it can be quite amazing.

    Especially “One piece” movies 1-3.

    I know “Puto fansub” release one piece 1-3, but when I play this movie I get tons of dropped frames and frame delay so as to make this film lag.

  3. Sorry, but is anyone else having any problems playing the .mp4 version on a console?

    When I try it on my Xbox, I get an Unplayable Content error message?

    None of Kaitou’s other subs have given me this message before … what’s wrong?

    Any ideas?

  4. It’s the 720p .mp4 version. (For some reason, Xbox can’t play 1080p with 5.1 stereo)

    I also downloaded Blood Lad 4 today and it played fine! Kaitou on Shingeki no Kyojin 12 also worked too.

    So, it’s not the console.

    Wonder what’s wrong?

  5. Sorry, just checked the One Piece movie 4 (720p .mp4 version) and am getting the same error message.

    Why are only the movies not working for me but the episodes play fine?

    Anyone have any ideas, please?? I’d really like to watch these movies!

    BTW, thanks for all your hard work Kaitou!

    • Sorry. Soon will be like next weekend. I have to run Conan and Blood Lad encodes for now. I don’t have a strong PC, so 1080p for movie might end up taking two days to encode.

  6. Could you please sub and release One Piece : Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island in 1080p since it’s one of the best OP movies 😀

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