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  1. Will you be picking up or doing anymore subs for fairy tail from kyuubi-subs. episode 171-175 and the movie are still unfinished. please release them. fairy tail will be starting again soon where it left off but not where kyuubi-subs left off and now the site over there seems to be dead and kyuubi is still MIA with his personal family Issues and will never get around to finishing them. so please subs fairy tail just until you can finish 171-175 and the Movie PLEASE.

    • You can watch the movie from Tsuki subs. I did work on that movie. And we do not have translators to work on Fairy Tail last few episodes, so I’d suggest using Tsuki too. T_T
      Sorry. Kyuubi told me not to use his TLs translations for it.

  2. can u give me a link for detective conan episodes before 665 720p eng sub
    …………i tried to find but i only get spainsh subs

  3. hi i tried downloading torrent file on dctp site but the downloading wouldnt start
    ………………how to xdcc them

  4. I was wondering if anyone could upload the MP4 720p episodes (starting from where DCTP left off) in Mega.com since most of the torrents are dead..
    Any help would be very much appreciated.

  5. Are you guys going to continue uploading Detective Conan from where it was trailed off?
    I really enjoy this scanlator. Also, do you guys have any subs for the rest of the DCTP? ( 727-728, 730, 733, 736, 738 and so on? ) I can just download the RAWS and download the subs, if you guys have them?
    Anyways, thanks !

  6. Hey, I was wondering if you guys will be uploading the rest of Fairy Tail soon. I’ve noticed it’s no longer on the progress bar and was worried that meant that you guys had dropped it. Anything you can tell me would be appreciated, thanks.

  7. Hi guys! I was wondering if you still plan on releasing the last Imawa no Kuni no Alice OVA. AFAIK there are raws floting around the net. Great work btw, keep it up!

      • well, there are some raws to be found.floating around the interent, which look pretty decent. I don’t know what kind of quality you are going for, but isn’t for starters anything better than waiting for hi-res raws which may never come out?

  8. Could you please sub the 3rd and last episode of Imawa no Kuni no Alice OVA, as you have already released the first two? Thank you very much for your highly appreciated work. 🙂

  9. Guys, you are the only English fansubers who did Arslan Senki. Now a new OAD has been released with 5th volume of manga. YOU ARE OUR ONLY HOPE TO SEE IT SUBBED. I beg you please consider subbing it.

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